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G's DayCare is here to provide affordable, high-quality early education and childcare services for working families !

Age Groups

( 6 Weeks - 12 Years )


We enjoy working with children of All Ages. There are plenty of Activities & Learning Tools to help promote our strong early education system. Our Teachers also have a full day of FUN on the schedule for every child & student !

First Steps (Pre-K)

Early Education

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-Programs & Activities -

We Focus on Education First, then FUN at our Learning Center !

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- Summer Reading Program -

This is one of our students favorites! They Love to be involved in enjoyable reading activities that help develop the learning curve.

ABC Program -

We have created an early learning curriculum for our Pre-K students to learn the basics of language.

- Learn the Alphabet (A - Z)
- Learning Site Words (I, We, The, Are, Up)
- Child Learns their Name

'Healthy Meal' Program !

We are sponsored by a State funded Food Program. Our student get to eat healthy nutrient rich foods every single day !

- Delicious & Homemade.
- Promotes a Balanced Diet !
- Helps Avoid Early Obesity.
- Saves Parents Money !

Regular Field Trips !

We enjoy taking our students on Adventures here Locally around the city !

- LOW-Cost to Parents
- Close Supervision to ensure Safety !
- Transportation Provided !
- Helps promote healthy Social Skills in public.
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Check Out Photos from around Campus of Student Artwork !

Questions ? Give Us a Call !

(513) 376-8346